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The Conflict Clinic

Because conflict doesn't have to be so prickly.

The Future is collaboration

The future belongs to people like you. Because the speed and scope of today's biggest problems can be daunting, people like you have found ways to respond with creativity, energy, and even optimism - tackling local, national, and global problems with powerful ideas and new tools.  People like you see problems that are being ignored or mishandled by traditional institutions, and they are building collaborative solutions. And people like you are going to redefine the way we think of a healthy economy.

About the Program

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This self-paced online program teaches you how to embrace conflict constructively, even if you have no professional background, no real experience, and no idea where to start. 

This highly-practical, action-oriented, step-by-step curriculum shows you exactly how to tackle conflict confidently, create personal security, financial sustainability, and positive social impact, one building block at a time. 

Who This is For...

This program was designed for a different kind of person with a different kind of mind.

It is ideal for changemakers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and trailblazers.

It is specially crafted for creators, connectors, communicators, educators, healers, leaders, and dreamers.

Because the future belongs to people like you. And our mission is to see you succeed.

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Meet the maker

This program was designed and delivered by our very own founder. With over ten years of international experience across fields, industries, and sectors.

The Conflict Clinic combines her unique insights from Public Policy,  Conflict Resolution, and Social Entrepreneurship to create a bold, resilient model that is distinctly designed to enable individuals and communities to thrive in today's tumultuous society.

What You'll Accomplish...

We believe in combining idealism with action, in order to turn cool ideas into real solutions. So we are not satisfied with theory. Our priority is to support you in doing real things. So each module, you will apply a key conflict skill to your current conflicts.

Why This Matters...

Risk-Free Guarantee

We take your happiness very seriously. So you have a full 30 days to take this program for a test drive. If you decide you absolutely hate it, or that it's just not for you, let us know, and we will happily give you a full refund. We will still love you no matter what.

Fueled By Stubborn Optimists

Idealistic? Maybe. Impossible? Never.


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