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Get Confident with Conflict

5 simple steps to transform prickly situations into a catalyst for positive change.

Conflict has gotten a bad rap.

Conflict isn't bad. But the way we handle it usually is. 

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Recognize the positive and negative aspects of conflict and its causes. Learn how ongoing internal and external conflict we experience get in the way of achieving positive change, and how to change that.

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How different culture types can impact conflict and conflict resolution.

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You will understand the natural human responses to conflict, perception, common conflict styles and how they affect relationships and resolution.

You will learn how to take responsibility for and drive the conflict resolution process forward, with clear steps, actionable skills, and practical strategies.

What people are saying

Remember, no one is born a changemaker. It is something you become when you see a problem and dare to be a part of the solution.

Because we believe in people like you.

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