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How Will YOU Flip the Script? The Call to Social Entrepreneurship

I must confess, I’ve been shamefully absent from my digital communications lately! But we've been at it again... sleepless nights, thankless days, and months of questionable hygiene to bring yet another new creation to life. And now, it's here. (And, we finally showered.)

It's Time to Celebrate!

(Not just the fact that we showered, but…) September 25th marks the birthday of the United Nations Global Goals, when in 2015 the General Assembly adopted a resolution to transform our world for the better, by outlining 17 Sustainable Development Goals to achieve by 2030. And while we’re halfway there, we have a long way to go.

Today, we are thrilled to invite you to join us in UN Global Week to #Act4SDGs in order to "Flip the Script", challenge conventional wisdom, and change our world for the better. To celebrate UN Global Week, we will be hosting a live webinar on how you can “Flip the Script”, answer the call to Social Entrepreneurship, and make change for a living.

The Time is Now

We are at an unbelievable time in history, where individuals and small groups have more destructive (and constructive) capacity than ever before. And with the rate of change, combined with the urgency of health, social, economic, and environmental crises, the need for new solutions and new approaches is urgent. Because if obvious solutions could have come from obvious sources, they would have happened already. It's the odd combinations, and unlikely approaches, that win.

Social entrepreneurs flip the script, challenge the rest of us to move beyond our stale and stuck ways of thinking, and bring bold perspectives and bright ideas to the cascade of crises we face today.

But Here's The Catch . . .

Social entrepreneurship is a relatively new, rapidly evolving, and somewhat sprawling field. This makes this powerful tool feel inaccessible to most.

And while I realize it’s a bit arrogant for me to say that ‘I will define the field’, I did try to define at least a sliver of it, in what I call the SEAD™ Model, which translates a segment of this illusive and ill-defined sector into a framework that is delightfully concrete, highly practical, and extremely actionable. And we’ve designed a free masterclass around precisely this model.

In this brand new training, I’ll walk you through…

  • The Big Mindset Shift: Counter-intuitive truths that are turning conventional wisdom on its head, and why the future belongs to people like you. (hint: if the idea of ‘business’, ‘marketing’, or ‘entrepreneurship’ sounds repulsive to you, you won’t want to miss this.)

  • The Social Innovator's Advantage: How to hone in on your most valuable contribution and stand out in any market, no matter what your sector or industry. (hint: if you think you need to be an ‘expert’, you need to be in a certain sector, or your industry is already saturated, this is for you.)

  • The Critical Missing Metric: How to reverse engineer your social impact in order to ensure meaningful social or systemic change is the centerpiece of your business model (hint: real social impact is not a PR stunt, an afterthought, or a tax writeoff.)

  • The Most Resilient Business Models: How to translate your solution into assets that scale, in order to pandemic- and recession-proof your income so you can continue to deliver on your social impact. (hint: because the way we currently think about profit is completely wrong.)

​​Pick the Session that Best Fits Your Schedule (We're offering multiple times!)

I do what I do because I believe in people like you. People like you are seeing problems that are being ignored, mishandled, and blatantly exploited by traditional institutions, and they are creating their own solutions with these powerful ideas and new tools. And I hope this sparks your excitement, expands your sense of possibility, and maybe even points the way to your own changemaking journey.


Chief Stubborn Optimist "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead P.S. Still not sure if you should be there?

This is a Must Attend If. . .

  1. You're stuck. You are not using your talents on a daily basis, and your only reason for getting up in the morning or going to work is paying the bills. You need to find a way to create income and impact, without sacrificing one for the other. That's me! Please show me how to rethink the way I think about work.

  2. You're tired. You are working tirelessly on behalf of the causes and communities you care about. But you need to find a way to scale your reach and revenue in order to make things financially sustainable without being stretched so thin. Yes! Please show me a how to make my work sustainable so I can do more of what matters.​

  3. You're restless. You are a “success” by traditional measures, but you feel like there must be more to life. You want to use your time, talents, and treasure to make a real difference, and leave the world better than you found it. Now you're speaking the words of my heart. :)

P.P.S. If you're having any trouble signing up or accessing the masterclass, please let us know! We're using some cool new tools, but we're still learning all the ropes, and may still have a few kinks to work out. But you help us make things better!


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