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For stubborn optimists who want to create, innovate, and solve some of the world's toughest and most terrifying problems.

Because We believe in People Like You.

People like you are responding to problems that are being ignored, mishandled, or blatantly exploited by traditional institutions, and they are creating their own solutions. 

This is not business as usual

Traditional business tends to prioritize profit at all costs. And that has led to some pretty devastating outcomes. Social entrepreneurs build innovative and pattern-changing solutions to social and economic problems.

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A Simple 5-Part Framework

The SEAD™ Model provides a simple, actionable framework to start and scale your social enterprise.

Pillar 1

Advance United Nations Global Goals

Begin with a social or environmental problem you want to solve, and then build an enterprise around solving it. Social impact is the centerpiece of your business model, not an afterthought.

Global Goals - SEAD App - Scaling Change

Pillar 2

Identify Innovative Intersections 

Break down silos and build bridges. If there is one thing social entrepreneurs specialize in, it is in bringing together ideas, fields, and practices that wouldn't naturally coalesce, in order to create new solutions.

Pillar 3

Design People-Centered Solutions

Create solutions that unleash human potential. Social entrepreneurs build on the strengths of the communities they serve, co-create innovative solutions, and create a new way forward.


Pillar 4

Package Assets into Solutions that scale

Build a better model, and translate that model into tools that can be replicated, applied and adapted to other contexts, in order to scale social impact to global problems rapidly.

Pillar 5

Build Resilient Business Models

Leverage today's technology to automate your enterprise and scale your reach and their revenue with minimal infrastructure, low costs, and global access. 


Create Your Social Enterprise today

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

And then keep getting better.


Identify your market advantage in order to make a positive contribution.


Apply innovative business models that ensure ongoing financial viability.


Leverage technology to package your assets into solutions that scale.

social impact

Create a better model for the causes and communities you care about. 


Founding Member

SEAD Founders are trailblazers who launch their own social enterprise based on the five-part framework. They get lifetime access to the SEAD Accelerator, the founder's community, updated tools, exclusive events and opportunties, and one-on-one coaching.