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A sneak peek into the business model that is redefining the future of work, business, and philanthropy. 

So excited! We'll see you soon!

Next Workshop

Tuesday, September 29, 2020 at 6:00pm EST

You'll learn how to...


Package your passion into a product that scales

Learn how to turn your calling into a premium product or service that sells...even if you don't know what to create. You'll be confident after this class!



Build your minimum viable product in record time

Learn how to create your first minimum viable product in just one day, and price it at $500 or higher, even if you are just getting started in business.



Find your Most valuable patrons 

Learn how to find your Most Valuable Patrons on social media—how this one simple strategy pulled in over $25,000 in 1 month.



Create juicy content your audience will love

Learn the must-have content you'll create to attract your Perfect Patrons even if you don't have a brand, a website, a product or an audience . . . yet.


pen - scaling change

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Save your seat for this value-packed workshop, learn how to create your first premium product, get access to exclusive resources, and see if the ALTSTART Accelerator is right for you! 

So excited! We'll see you soon!

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