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Create Bold Solutions

Because you were made to make a difference.


Capitalism Is Broken.

But it hasn't always been. And it doesn't have to be. 

people like you Move us forward

You are crazy enough to think you can change the world. And it's people like you who actually do. 


You recognize there's a better way. And a rich life isn't about consumption; it's about contribution. That's what we've all been missing for a little too long.


The Future Belongs to 


You are a changemaker

You see things differently. The world is changing so fast, and the future belongs to a different kind of person with a different kind of mind. It belongs to the artists, altruists, creators, connectors, communicators, educators, storytellers, helpers, healers, and dreamers. You are a trailblazer,  troublemaker, risk-taker, and game-changer. Your gifts weren't meant to be wasted. And the world needs them now more than ever. 


Turn Things Upside Down

Conventional wisdom has overstayed its welcome. And we are about to turn everything society has taught us about life, work, and success on its head.


Social entrepreneurs are society's change agents. They are creators and innovators that disrupt status quo and transform our world for the better. 

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Headbands of Hope

Oluwatoyin Ayanfodun - Tomorrow's Leader

Tomorrow's Leaders


Who Gives a Crap

THE Contribution

There is a profound shift away from the Consumption Economy towards a Contribution Economy. We are creating an Ecosystem of Solutions, equipping changemakers to create sustainable enterprises designed to solve the world's biggest problems.

IDEAS THAT inspire.

We like to keep your mind primed with fresh insights and bold ideas. We'll share stories and solutions that inspire us, and we hope they will inspire you too! 


We create, collect, and curate the best resources from social innovators, and change-makers, just for you.


You'll learn how to turn your talents into a force for good, and shape a future based on possibility, generosity, human dignity, and social justice .

Tools For Change


A Good Look at
Bad Policy

The best way to move forward is to understand where we've been and how we got here. There are some pretty broken systems out there, but we see those fat cracks as an invitation to help make things better. 

The Wealth Gap

The US has the largest wealth gap in the world, a key indicator of corruption, not capitalism. 

U.N. Global goals

The Everyday Changemaker


Social entrepreneurship isn't about a few extraordinary people saving the day for everyone else. (Although you may fit the bill!) But it's about revealing practical possibilities that are currently overlooked, and unleashing the capacity of each person to reshape a part of our world for the better. 

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