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Make Change for a Living 

Get the ultimate step-by-step system to create a profitable business that drives positive change, even if you have no business background, no tech experience, and no idea where to start.

We believe in People Like You.

People like you are seeing problems that are being ignored, mishandled, or blatantly exploited by traditional institutions, and they are creating their own solutions. 


Create Solutions You Wish Existed.

People like you are crazy enough to think they can change the world. And it's people like you who actually do. 

Next Cycle Starts September 2024.

Who is this for?

This is for people who want to create, innovate, and solve interesting problems -- for people who want to make things better by making better things. 


The World Needs Your gifts Now more than Ever.

And the future belongs to people like you.


Do Your Greatest Work

SEAD Sales Page Graphics-2.png
SEAD Sales Page Graphics-2.png
SEAD Sales Page Graphics-2.png

This is not business as usual

Traditional business tends to prioritize profit at all costs. And that has inevitably come at a very high cost.

Profit is Goal - Scaling Change
Profit is Tool - Scaling Change]

A Simple 5-Part Framework

The SEAD™ Model provides a simple, actionable framework to build, launch, and scale your social enterprise.

Global Goals - SEAD App - Scaling Change

Step 2

Reverse Engineer Your Social Impact

People with purpose prevail. And social entrepreneurs advance United Nations global goals by starting with the social or environmental problem they want to solve, and then build an enterprise around solving it. 

Step 1

Unlock Your Personal Advantage

You are not a cog. But the systems around us push us to conform, because their existence depends on our conformity. But this new economy rewards bold authenticity, generous leadership, and creative contribution.

Personality - SEAD Model.png

Step 3

Develop People-Centered Solutions

Lasting solutions unlock human potential. And social entrepreneurs build on the strengths of the communities they serve, co-create innovative solutions, and create a new way forward.

Lean Model.png

Step 4

Package Assets into Solutions that scale

Assets create value. Social entrepreneurs envision a new way, build a better model, and share those solutions at scale, so those solutions can be applied and adapted to local contexts, while you continue to grow your reach and revenue.

Step 5

Build Resilient Business Models

Technology has leveled the playing field. And a social entrepreneur's sustainability depends on leveraging simple tools to automate your enterprise, operate 24/7, reach a broader audience with minimal infrastructure, low costs, and global access. 


Limited Time Bonuses


Bonus #1

Digital Creators' Toolkit

Get our complete (and constantly updated) list of favorite tools and recommended resources for all needs and budgets. This will save you countless hours and hundreds (if not thousands!) of dollars of trial and error. We've made all the mistakes for you, so you won't have to. (Well, maybe not all the mistakes. But we're getting there!) We've also included additional How-To Guides, swipe files, templates, checklists, etc. Included with all three plans. Total Market Value: $197

Create Your Social Enterprise

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

And then keep getting better.


Identify your market advantage to create innovative solutions.


Apply innovative business models that ensure ongoing financial viability.


Leverage technology to package your assets into solutions that scale.

social impact

Create a better model for the causes and communities you care about. 

Ready to Get Started?

You already have everything you need to succeed.

But here's how we can help...

What is the sead™ Model?

SEAD Model - Scaling Change

SEAD™ stands for Social Enterprise Advancing Democracy. It  blends the brains of a business with the heart of philanthropy to create a sustainable business model that delivers positive social change.


Dianne Williams - Scaling Change.jpeg


WOW. Just WOW. This was such an awesome experience. Veronica is amazing to work with and the tools and models she has developed are just phenomenal.  We did a successful launch in just five days, and the feedback from my community has been incredible.


This is not reinventing the wheel. This is something new. This is breaking new ground, and this is the kind of thing that really excites me. This model has allowed us to turn a single idea into a global movement. Really really powerful.

Melanie Harwood  - Scaling Change


I just wish I had met Veronica and had this model ten years ago. This is absolutely BRILLIANT! It makes things so clear, so practical, and so actionable.  I can't wait to get my SEAD badge! Genius. Really genius. 

Guarantee - SEAD Sales Page Graphics-4.png

Risk-Free Guarantee

Your satisfaction and success are our priority. You have a full 30 days to take us for a test run. If you are not thrilled with your experience, you can get a full refund. 


Pick Your Plan


Awesome! We'll be in touch!

  • My industry is unique. How can I be sure the SEAD™ Model will work for my business?
    The SEAD™ principles have been applied across sectors, industries, countries, and continents. From fishing, farming, fashion, and flower delivery; to clothing retailers, chocolatiers, and peacebuilders; restorative practitioners, designers, language instructors, app makers, tech companies; and every flavor of speaker, author, coach and consultant, the rich and diverse community of changemakers applying the pillars of the SEAD™ Model are one of its distinct advantages. No matter what you sell - a product, service, or experience - it’s critical that you understand how to effectively share your message, develop a model for change, serve your buyers and beneficiaries, and build resilient business models that give you the financial stability you need to deliver your social impact on an ongoing basis. Regardless of your industry, thriving as a social entrepreneur in today’s economy means knowing how to build trust, create meaningful connections, and communicate your value in a way that transforms buyers into benefactors, and drives sustainable social change. Yes, The SEAD™ Model works for…
  • Will I speak with or get feedback directly from the instructor?
    You very well may! We also can’t promise that. We deliver our best advice and strategies, from over 12 years of experience in the field, directly inside the trainings. Remember, this is not a one-on-one coaching program. It’s a powerful group learning experience, so in addition to the trainings, you’ll get additional support from our SEAD Mentor Coaches within the scheduled live working sessions.
  • When does the SEAD™ program begin?
    The SEAD™ Accelerator program is 8 weeks long. Enrollment periods open once each quarter. Remember, you get access to the content for life, so you can learn at your own pace. After the program, the entire library of training materials will be available to review as often as you like.
  • I’m booked to travel during the SEAD™ program. Will I miss out?
    You won't miss out on a thing! All your training exists inside your private member area. All the live Office Hour sessions are recorded too. So you can go back and revisit the material as often as you like.
  • Who the SEAD™ Accelerator is NOT for.
    This version of the program is not for people who prefer 1:1 coaching; want advice on legal, tax structures, raising VC funding, manufacturing or distribution. (We intentionally don't cover these topics.) This is also not for people looking for a 'get rich quick' scheme to make money online. Our program requires creativity, risk, discernment, and a lot of work over time.
  • Do you cover how to get external funding, like VC investments, grants, etc.?
    We do not cover how to secure external funding. The methods we teach inside the SEAD™ accelerator are purely 'bootstrapping', which is the process of generating your own revenue to grow and scale your venture. We do this in order to encourage the process of economic agency and self-sufficiency, so you do not have to lose momentum waiting for gatekeepers, or external factors you cannot control.
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