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The Power of 2020 Vision

A Year of Vision

What better theme for the year 2020 than Vision? When it comes to your eyesight, 20/20 represents clarity and focus. But too many of us stumble through life blindfolded. We wander around, year after year, stumbling through life without a clear sense of meaning, purpose, or direction,  only to look up one day and say, "What am I doing with my life?"

You Don't Need More Goals

No one ever goes into the New Year saying, "I hope I gain as much weight as possible, and I hope to lose as much money as possible." Everyone has aspirations, and everyone goes into every new year with good intentions. And every year we set the same goals, because we end the year exactly where we started. We don't need more goals. What we need is Vision.

Vision is always critical for all people, everywhere, at all times, but especially in the time that we live in, in the area that we live in, and with the lives that we lead. Without vision, and in this busy world we live in, it's so easy to get caught up in going through the motions, day after day. It's so sad that we spend more time planning what we're going to have for lunch, than planning something important like . . . your life.

The Difference Between Vision and Goals

And just so we're clear, Vision is not the same as goals.  Vision isn't about getting a certain job or promotion, or losing a certain number of pounds. Vision is so much bigger. A vision shapes the way you live and the legacy you want to leave.  Vision answers the question, "What am I here on this earth for?"

  • A Vision Expresses Your Purpose: The secret to success is the focus of purpose. So rather than focus on goals, we need to focus on the "why" - the reason you're here on this planet, and the legacy you want to leave. How do you want to be remembered when you are gone?    

  • A Vision Develops Your Potential: One of the biggest ways to discover the vision for our life is by looking at the traits, talents, experiences you've been given. How will you invest in those gifts, and put them to use?   How can you turn that raw material into a force for good?

  • A Vision Enriches the Lives of Others: Your vision should reflect how you plan to make the world a better place. A life of significance is a life that enriches the lives of others. How will you use your purpose, your passion, and your talents to invest in others?

Why You're Distracted

Do you know why we're weak against temptation? Do you know why we can't say "No" to that donut, or say "Yes" to doing that work we know we're being called to do? Because you don't have a clear vision. You're distracted by squirrels because you're not captivated by purpose.

But what if you can wake up every day, and jump out of bed in the morning knowing, 'THIS is why I'm here today. THIS is my purpose. THIS my passion,' then you'll get the sweet, sweet satisfaction of unshakable drive.

A Life Without Vision

A life without vision will always take you down a road to no where. And no where's no fun. You don't want to get to the point where you realize it's been ten years, and you've just been wandering around aimlessly, not knowing where you were going. You're just going in circles around yourself. That's the stuff that midlife crises, fluffy waistlines, and other addictions are made of.

So this year, don't show up with goofy little goals. This year you're going to show up with with a vision. I want you to be able to say, "I'm finally starting to see why I'm on this earth, and why I went through certain experiences, and why I have certain gifts." You were gifted to make a difference, and the world needs that special blend that only YOU have.

"Vision is not just a picture of what could be.  It is an appeal to our better selves; a call to be something more." -Rosabeth Kanter


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