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Tomorrow's Leaders

Oluwatoyin Ayanfodun founded Tomorrow’s Leaders NYC (TLNYC) in 2011 after realizing there were very few services for over-age middle school students, an often underrepresented and under-served population.

Oluwatoyin’s previous experiences helped him to recognize that many of these students had untapped potential, but because of their past school failures, they felt hopeless.

He spent over two years working closely with schools, and organizations focused on education and youth development. Within three years, he raised over $60,000 for TLNYC and has built a network of support which includes local elected officials, licensed social workers, principals, teachers, community based organizations, and undergraduate and graduate students from several college and universities in New York City.

Through his leadership, TLNYC has produced many success stories, and has a 97 percent grade promotion rate. Oluwatoyin received his bachelor’s degree in Education from Temple University in 2009, and certification in Nonprofit Management from Medgar Evers College in 2011. 

*Source: Causeartist


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