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This could be the biggest social, economic, and environmental problem that no one is talking about. 

unsatisfied - scaling change

feeling trapped & unhappy?

If you feel trapped and unhappy, afraid to risk financial security to pursue your dream, you're not alone. 

The majority of people on the planet feel unsatisfied and disengaged from their day jobs.​ This is a tragic waste of the world's greatest resource: human potential. 

Most people are miserable. Over 86% of people report being unsatisfied with their jobs.

More than 50% of employees are not engaged at work.

Almost 20% of employees are actively disengaged from their work.

The cost of nonengagement is about $300 billion per year in lost productivity.

In some countries, a meager 2-3% of the workforce is highly engaged in their work.

Over 70% of workers experience chronic stress-related illness.

There's a 33% increase in heart attacks on Monday mornings.

Over 80% of people don't use their talents on a daily basis.

We are wasting the world's most valuable asset.

We are wasting human potential. Each one of us has the extraordinary capacity to create, innovate, connect, and move the human race forward. And instead, almost 90% of people have gotten stuck in a mediocre life.

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Don't let your life go to waste

Don't get to the end of your life, only to realize you never really lived.


Because research tells us that the biggest regret at the end of your life will be the dreams you didn't chase, the risks you didn't take, and the work you did not do. 

You weren't made to work 9-5, pay the bills, and then die. You were made to do work that matters.

3 Reasons You're Unsatisfied 

Not enough Meaning

You have a 'good job', with a nice paycheck. But it still feels like something is missing.


You want to make a difference; to use your gifts to make an impact; to know that you did something that mattered. 

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Not enough Money

You are doing what you love, but you can't seem to figure out how to make a living doing it. 

You're not doing this work just to make money, but you know you need to make money to keep doing this work. 

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not enough of Both

You feel stuck in a situation where you're not doing things that matter and not making enough money.

But you know you're made for more, and you have gifts and ideas that would change lives for the better, including yours. 

Job Security - Scaling Change.jpg

The Truth About "Job Security"

We sacrifice our health, and our sanity all in the name of "job security". But in the wake of global pandemics, massive layoffs, and economic uncertainty, we are learning that "security" doesn't come from a company, a government, or a paycheck. 

The Wealth Gap

The US has the largest wealth gap in the world, a key indicator of corruption, not capitalism. 

It's Time you Create a Better Future

You have everything you need to start a business and make a difference. You just need to discover your gifts, turn your gifts into a business, and turn your business into a force for good. 

A Good Look at
Bad Policy

The best way to move forward is to understand where we've been and how we got here. There are some pretty broken systems out there, but we see those fat cracks as an invitation to help make things better. 

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